Paccar buidling

The company
PACCAR Parts has been a division of the global organisation PACCAR since 1973. PACCAR Parts is a leading provider of high-quality truck and trailer parts, integral service concepts and support solutions developed with the needs of today's transport professionals in mind.

PACCAR Parts distributes and sells PACCAR Genuine Parts, DAF Genuine Parts and TRP Truck and Trailer Parts exclusively through the DAF dealer network. TRP is the range of parts for all truck makes, trailers and the workshop. The performance of PACCAR Parts is driven by sales, marketing and logistics, setting industry standards. Supported by a strong DAF dealer network, state-of-the-art distribution centres and supply chain management systems, the strategy focuses on delivering quality, and the best truck parts and service concepts.

PACCAR Parts achieves the highest standards in distribution efficiency, service and commercial support in the European marketplace through close co-operation with strategic suppliers and DAF dealers.


  Staff:   > 600
  Distribution centres:   4
  Storage facilities in square metres:   > 60,000
  Number of dealer locations:   > 1,000
  Number of consignments sent to customers each year:   > 400,000


Distribution centres
Customers want maximum availability from their trucks. Maintenance must be planned as efficiently as possible and any faults must be resolved as quickly as possible too. Optimum availability of parts, combined with short delivery times, play an essential role in achieving this.

Stocking the European DAF dealers with parts is managed by PACCAR Parts' four state-of-the-art distribution centres. The largest is located at the DAF site in Eindhoven, and has a surface area of 46,500 square metres. In addition, there are PACCAR Parts distribution centres in Leyland (UK), Madrid and Budapest. These distribution centres process about 400,000 consignments each year. PACCAR Parts Europe's delivery reliability is 98%, which is a world-class achievement in the distribution sector.


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