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For all trucks and trailers.
As a MAX Cardholder, your DAF dealer is able to provide you with the best solutions for the maintenance of your vehicle(s). Whether you carry out vehicle maintenance yourself or your DAF dealer takes care of it for you, your DAF dealer is always the best place to start, with a comprehensive range of parts that includes not just DAF parts, but TRP parts too. TRP is the range of quality parts for all makes of trucks and trailers. Make sure you apply for and/or activate your MAX Card so that your DAF dealer can always inform you of the latest relevant offers.

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in discounts

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of the MAX Voucher discounts, which you can start taking advantage of immediately. Not yet a MAX Cardholder? Click on 'Apply' at the bottom of this page.

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Your activated MAX Card will provide you with over £1000 worth of MAX Discount Vouchers. But these savings can be multiplied immediately by registering your fleet. Your MAX Vouchers will then immediately become valid for each make of truck and each trailer in your fleet. Once all your trucks and trailers have been registered, we will also be able to send you offers tailored to your fleet. Calculate your savings here and register your fleet!

Would you like to save on vehicle maintenance costs?

Take advantage of the latest offers all year round. Do you want your vehicles to be in top condition all year round, to ensure that you enjoy the best driving experience, whatever the situation? With your MAX Card there are many advantages you can enjoy! All year round your DAF dealer will send you exclusive offers, and discounts on parts for your entire fleet. If you already have an activated MAX Card, log into your personal page to see an overview of your DAF dealer's latest offers, and start saving straightaway! If you have not activated your MAX Card or if you have not requested one yet, do so now at the bottom of the page.

Exclusive services and privileges.

You get more as a MAX Cardholder
The MAX Card gives you special offers on DAF and TRP parts. But there's more.
As a MAX Cardholder, you will always be one of the first to know about new products and market trends. Whether it is information about new services offered by your DAF dealer, products that can reduce your operating costs or changes in the transport sector,
such as legislation:
you will always receive
practical information that
you can really benefit from.


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